Dr. Steven Nguyen


A Texas native, Dr. Steven Nguyen graduated from The University of Texas at Austin before earning his dental education in Dallas at Texas A&M School of Dentistry. Committed to patient comfort and transparency, he prioritizes overall health and wellness in his practice. He finds immense joy in restoring confidence and easing anxiety for his patients.

Dr. Nguyen dedicates hundreds of hours each year to advancing his expertise and actively engages in community outreach, establishing himself as a trusted advocate for dental health in the DFW area.

Dr. Nguyen's expertise encompasses all aspects of dentistry, from treating children to performing complex procedures like root canals and implants. His true excitement lies in smile design, helping patients achieve the smiles they're happiest with.

Dr. Steven Nguyen
I have two dogs: Zorro (a Jack Russell and chihuahua) and Chaparro (a Dachshund mix).
I love cooking and learning new recipes!
I'm a serial hobbyist and currently attempting to play golf.
I love working on cars, and doing autocross when I can.
I was born and raised in Texas.
Before I became a dentist, I was a barista.
I love to take photos in my spare time.

More About Dr. Nguyen

What sets MDRN Dental Studio apart is its commitment to personalized, transparent, and comfortable experiences. Dr. Nguyen's practice prioritizes patient health and education, empowering them with information and options. Dedicated to community service, Dr. Nguyen plans to participate in local drives and volunteer at dental clinics. His philosophy revolves around a meticulous, risk-based analysis of each patient, ensuring tailored and effective care. 

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Dr. Nguyen

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